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Mastery of Work and Collaboration

The 3 of Pentacles calls us to these themes. These aren’t things that are natural in talent. Some parts might come effortlessly but, to be polished, buttoned-up and otherwise flawless; it takes dedication, real commitment and an inner knowing of what you want to do with your work. The pentacles deal with the financial sector however, if we look closer and dig deeper than the material world we see the magician moving through this suit. They are able to apply their knowledge and skills to making their dreams a reality in this realm of magic, alchemy transmutation and any other means of manipulating our reality. That is not to say that there aren’t limitations on these magical transformations. Insidious power structures are at play and held up by the status quo. Racism, poverty, the gatekeeping of academic society, the cis-hetero patriarchy are among many other pillars of power that hold us back from achieving true freedom. The transformation of work that benefits all and doesn’t just line the pockets of a small few. Why shouldn’t one be able to pull a short shift once a week, once a day, at a pace that doesn’t dissolve all your spoons, at a community project and be able to live?

Deconstructing these power structures and finding ways to thrive are exceptionally important in the current shift in consciousness that we are experiencing. The Great Awakening wasn’t truly great because most of the people were heading back to the Christian Church. The problem with the church isn’t religion itself. Religion can offer us a great sense of community, resources and support for the hardships we all face in life. The problem with the church is the rule of capitalism that it perpetuates. Capitalism demeans us as humans. It tells us that we are only worth our productivity. As more and more young folks come out of academia and cannot find jobs that support them and allow them to pay back their loans, they are left feeling helpless, defeated and run their bodies into the ground working hard labor jobs, no matter the level of self-care they are practicing.

People are coming back to their ancient ways. They are reclaiming their heritages long lost. White people stripped POC of their identities because our identities were also stolen from us by imperialist forces and in turn, let white supremacy rule us because we forgot. This is your call to find your lineage and reclaim what was taken from us thousands of years ago. It is your duty in your journey to pull those up who your ancestors might have stepped on in the name of luxury, status and wealth. Mastering your practice to lift yourself and other people up is the only way you will be able to move into a state of true abundance.

Abundance is not a lack of poverty. Abundance is realizing that you have what you need but, you might have to get creative to get it. You might not have the spoons to work another 10 hour shift but, you might have the spoons to go to the food bank and subsidize your grocery bill. Abundance is finding people that will hold you and support you in your hours of need. Who will offer to help you find solutions. Abundance doesn’t look like daily yoga studio sessions, regular lattes or t-shirt that say things like ‘spiritual gangster’. If you are white and haven’t examined your privilege, your appropriation or how you are contributing in service to your community; this is your Awakening.

When we work in collaboration with each other, we master our work and we have what we need.


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